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Return - Cancellation - Exchange


You can cancel the purchase order immediately before shipping the product for any reason.

We may cancel your order upon:

  1. Failure to pay the value of the purchases when they are due.
  2. Your failure within the reasonable period of time that we determine for you in providing us with the information required to deliver the products to you.
  3. Your non permission to us within a reasonable period of time to deliver the products to you or your fail to receive them.
  4. In case of trying to buy in bulk or multiple purchase, note that you can contact us directly for bulk purchase orders.

We reserve the right to refuse any orders, and at our discretion, if we discover a bulk purchase or multiple purchase of similar products.


Return terms

Reasons for return

Possibility to return

- The product has never been used before.

- It should be in its original condition with its original cover.

- Includes all original cards and accessories.

- Wrong receipt of the product.

- Receiving a product contrary to what was described on the site.

- You have received a damaged product.


- You must return the product within fifteen (15) days of your receipt of the product.

- The product is open and still has the original cards and includes all accessories.


- If you change your mind.

- Only under certain circumstances (according to the site management evaluation).

- You have the right to return the product within fifteen (15) days of receiving it.


  1. Products that have been previously used, you have caused damage to it, or it became in a different condition from what you received.
  2. Any products that are free of their serial number or have been tampered with.

- ( +971 4 5868782 ) In the United Arab Emirates
- ( +90 850 665 60 55 ) In the Republic  of  Turkey

  1. Defective products or their description violates what is stated on the website.
  2. If the reason for the return is due to an error on our part, such as an error in pricing, description, or delay in delivery on the agreed date, etc.
  3. For all other cases, we will return the value of the product that is subject to return (excluding the fees paid to ship the product to you) provided that you bear the cost of returning the product to us.
  4. For products that have not been delivered, you are entitled to receive their full value if you cancel the purchase order in accordance with the purchase order cancellation clause.
  1. If the amount is to be returned to your credit / debit card: it will be done within thirty (30) days from the date we received the product that was returned to our customer's goods preparation center.
  2. If the amount is to be returned to your electronic wallet, we will return the amount immediately after we receive the product at our customer's goods preparation center, and check it, or
  3. If you cancel the purchase order before the shipment date, the amount will be returned to you automatically.
  4. Defects and damages in the products

Warranty :
The warranty does not apply to any cases other than those related to defects in materials, design, or manufacturing, and the warranty shall be limited to repairing the defective product, replacing the defective part, replacing the product, or returning the amount according to the market price of the product itself (and this decision shall be in accordance with the estimation of the Site Administration), knowing that the warranty does not cover all products, and you should review listing the products to see if the product falls under the warranty.

  1. If you attempt to repair the product, cause damage to the body of the product, or the product is damaged by liquids such as immersing the product, spraying it with water or other fluids, or if its color changes for one reason or another.
  2. Remove the serial number on the product.
  3. If any manipulation appears in the product body or its accessories.

- ( +971 4 5868782 ) In the United Arab Emirates
- ( +90 850 665 60 55 ) In the Republic of Turkey



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