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Welcome to the website stylcom.com which is owned and managed by Stylcom company for e-commerce, a limited liability company registered in both:

 - United Arab Emirates under license No. (CN-2952758) with its location in Al Jimi District – Bedside Al Jebel R/O in Town Centre of Al Ain City, UAE.
 - Republic of Turkey under license No (218589-5) with its Location in Avcılar street – Avcılar district – Istanbul, Republic of Turkey.

These Terms of Use and all additional policies and terms (if applicable) on the website state the conditions that we provide to you so as to access and use the site, services and applications, including our mobile application (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "services").

Upon your access and/or registration, and / or continuation of using or accessing the services you agree to abide by these Terms of Use and the relevant legal documents with an immediate effect.

The said Terms of Use and the relevant legal documents are subject to modifications by us at any time. In addition, your continuation to use the site after posting any modification shall mean that you agree on these Terms of Use and the relevant legal documents which have been modified.

About STYLCOM website :

This website is an e-commerce platform where products are displayed and sold, and it allows companies and individuals to purchase a variety of products.

We reserve the right to provide new services and update or withdraw any services, at our sole discretion, without any liability.


Terms of Registration:

You are entitled as a buyer to make use of the services if you have the following eligibility standards:


Your Obligations:

When you use or access the services, you agree to the following:

When you use or access the services, you agree to the following:
Post, insert or upload any of the inappropriate or prohibited contents or materials on our website, including:

  1. Except for the rights expressly granted in accordance with these Terms of Use:
    • All contents on the site fall under our private ownership or within the ownership of our licensees, including but not limited to texts, graphics, logos, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and software. We (or our licensees, as per required by the case) reserve all of our rights, ownership, and interest in the site and the services – including as an example but not limited to - all of the intellectual property rights contained in these Terms of Use.
    • In addition to all rights, properties and interests of any of the information, materials or other contents provided by you through your use of the services and all your intellectual property rights contained within these terms of use will become our property.
  2. You agree that you may not use our trademarks without the prior written consent.
  3. All rights that are not expressly conferred to you in the present conditions of use shall be reserved to us or to our licensees.

    Guarantees, undertakings and declarations :

    To guarantee, undertake and declare the following:

    1. Full Compliance with continuing work in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and byelaws, including but not limited to compliance with legislation related to privacy laws and content regulation.
    2. You have full authority to contract according to the present terms of use, and that your fulfillment of your obligation under these terms of use does not conflict with:
  1. The content or other information that you provide when you use the services.
  2. Your use of the services or your inability to use them.
  3. Pricing, shipping, coordination, or any of the instructions provided by us.
  4. Delayed or interrupted service provision.
  5. Viruses or other malware that is found through access to the services.
  6. The presence of errors in the services, malfunctions, or inaccuracy in any way.
  7. Your device is damaged by using the products sold on the site or through our services.
  8. The content, actions, or omissions of others using our services.
  9. The comment or any other procedures we take related to your use of the services.
  10. The period of time in which your listings appear in search results or how they appear.
  11. Your need to modify practices, content, behavior, your loss or your inability to do business as a result of changes in these terms of use.
  1. The price at which the product was sold on the site and original shipping rates.
  2. The amount of the disputed fees, provided that their value does not exceed the total value of the fees paid to us during the twelve (12) month period preceding the procedure that led to the liability.
  3. Three hundred (300) AED or its equivalent in international currencies.
  1. Any allegations or claims made by others as a result of your use of the services.
  2. Violation of any of the provisions contained in these Terms of Use, including but not limited to any of the guarantees, undertakings and declarations.
  3. Violation of any of the applicable laws, including but not limited to data protection laws or anti-spam laws.
  4. The way in which you use our services, including but not limited to the content you post, the products you list or your trademarks that violate any of the intellectual property rights of others or that your content contains slander, satire, defamation or violation of any of the other rights (including privacy rights) of others (including other site users).

Suspension, termination or cancellation :

      Without prejudice to any of the rights or compensation or without any responsibility towards you, we have the right to limit, suspend or withdraw your access to or use of the services or cancel the request for any products and / or delete the content provided by you according to our own discretion, and for the avoidance of doubt, any sums paid and received by us in connection with an order for cancelled products will be refunded.

Report violation of the terms of use:

    We are committed to ensuring that the products and content on the site comply with these terms of use. If the content contained does not meet these Terms of Use, please notify us and we will investigate the matter.

Subsidiaries of Stylcom and Additional Services

  1. Stylcom or its subsidiaries provide site features and other products and services to you when you use or sign up as a buyer and / or seller on the site. A “subsidiary” means, in relation to a particular person, any company that directly or indirectly controls, or is subject to control or joint control with, that person.
  2. To enhance your experience on the site and with NOON affiliates, you hereby agree that we may create additional services, jobs and / or accounts on your behalf, using the information you provide to us on the site.

General provisions :


  1. Applicable law: These terms of use must be subject to and interpreted and any related non-contractual rights or duties in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates.
  2. Dispute Settlement: If you have any problems with our services please contact us. We will work hard to solve your problem as soon as possible. Any disputes or conflicts relating to these terms of use, including any related non-contractual rights or obligations, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules of DIFC-LCIA by one arbitrator. The arbitration center shall be in the Dubai International Financial Center, and the English language shall be the language of arbitration.
  3. Rights of Others: A person who is not part of these Terms of Use has no right to implement any of its terms.
  4. Relationship of the parties: Nothing in these terms of use can be construed or interpreted by the parties or for others so that it states that the relationship between us is a relationship between partners or agents or that a joint project exists between the parties, but it is understood and clear that all the parties to the agreement are independent parties.
  5. Additional Assurances: The parties undertake the necessary actions or arrange to take the necessary actions, edit documents and other matters that fall within their authority to enforce these terms of use and verify their implementation, including but not limited to helping each party to abide by the applicable law.
  6. Waiver: These Terms of Use adhere to ensuring benefit to the parties and their respective successors and officially authorized. You agree that you will not waive or transfer the terms of use or any of your rights or duties related to these terms of use, whether directly or indirectly, without obtaining prior written consent from us.
  7. Total Agreement: These terms of use and the documents referred to or included in the terms of use represent the overall agreement between the parties regarding the subject of the agreement and it excels and obscures all previous agreements, negotiations and declarations, written or oral, related to the subject except as specified in the terms of use and documents that are referred to or included in the current conditions of use so that there are no conditions, declarations, guarantees, undertakings, or agreements between the parties, whether directly, indirectly, collectively, expressly, or implicitly.
  8. Amendments: No modification of these Terms of Use or any addition or completion is permitted. We reserve the right to make any amendment, change, addition or completion of these Terms of Use at any time or from time to time. We will publish the current version of the terms of use on the site and it will be valid upon publishing on the site or based on the date set by us as "effective date" (if any). Consequently, your continued use of the services in the event of any changes is deemed as an agreement from your side to be bound by the revised terms of use.
  9. Severability of terms: If any competent court ruled that any of the provisions of these terms of sale is not valid, illegitimate or unenforceable, this item shall immediately be cancelled from these same conditions and the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in effect and enforceable as long as the legal and economic essence of the deals that were carried out under its conditions remain standing without any adverse effect on its parties.
  10. Force Majeure: None of the parties to the Agreement is responsible for any losses, damages, delay, or failure to perform due to actions beyond their control, whether those actions or events are reasonably predictable or unpredictable (including acts of God, legislative provisions, judgments, regulatory government decisions or those issued by local or federal governments, courts or governing bodies or the procedures of subcontractors, or any third party supplier of goods or services to us, or labour disturbances, or power outages electrophoresis or economic boycott).
  11. Non-assignment: The assignment of any of the provisions contained in the terms of use is not a waiver of any of the other provisions (similar or not similar), and any other waiver is not deemed as a continuous waiver of any of the concerned provisions, unless we express clearly and in writing.


All provisions which are stipulated to remain valid or which continue to valid by nature after the termination of the contract will remain in effect after the termination or suspension of your membership of the site.


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